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Virginia artist, KUZH is looking to standout in the music industry

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

With the industry being saturated with similar styles, KUZH is looking to maintain her buzz as she diversifies her music. With new music coming soon & other ventures on the horizon, KUZH is certainly on a path to success.

The Petersburg, Virginia native, born Tanya C. Rodriguez , has made an impressive reputation as she has opened for artists such as Jacob Latimore, Gillie The Kid & more. Her sound is cultivating & grabs your attention very fast. Every year, KUZH continues to gain a wider fanbase & she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. In 2019, a major car accident brought her down, but she persevered & began getting back into music heavily.

After doing a nationwide tour in 2020, KUZH has rapidly risen to success and has famous artists feature with her like Rich Dunk from Million Dollar Baby Ent. She has also had sit-downs with major labels Universal Music Group & Authentic Empire.

KUZH has been working on a 10-song project; KUZH World dropping on 4/20 . She also has a single with an artist in Europe that remains a secret up until now. KUZH has released 10 indie singles so far, including her 2 newest & biggest songs, “Talk is Cheap” & “With Me” featuring Akili. Links Below !

With Me:

KUZH World:

Talk is Cheap:

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