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Tone Tone is buzzing after dropping “100 P’s” featuring Da Baby

Tone Tone is a name every rap fan should start getting familiar with. Not only is he one of the hottest rappers out of Detroit, he is also one of the most creative artists in the game. After having a solid 2020, Tone Tone is back with a hit featuring Da Baby, “100 P’s”.

100 P’s is a bouncy track that will keep you engaged & replaying it multiple times. Tone Tone & Da Baby both delivered perfect verses with lyricism & cadence. On top of that, the hook is very catchy & easy to remember.

The best thing about this release is the unique visuals. They decided to make it an animation with Tone Tone, Da Baby & several other figures who tell a story of them making a come-up. It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a rapper. It has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media as fans show their love for the song & visuals.

We believe Tone Tone is on his way to having a major 2021 & this video solidified his spot in the rap scene.

100 P’s:

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