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TGE Drako is making a name for himself with first Mixtape “The Road To 1000 Grams”

Alabama is home to many dope upcoming artists who are starting to make a buzz. One of those artists is TGE Drako. His sound & aura makes it hard to believe that his new project is his very first one.

23 year old Birmingham native TGE Drako has a very distinctive sound; with hard punchlines & the way he rides the beat, it’s easy to tell his tracks apart from others. As soon as one of his songs comes on, it’s hard to turn off.

The first single from “The Road to 1000 Grams” was “Him”. It quickly has become a hit on the internet as it continues to get thousands of views from his fans. But that song is only a taste of what all comes with his new mixtapes. He is able to touch of many topics like on songs “Slum City” & “Don’t Stop”.

We think 2022 will be a Major year for TGE Drako if he continues to apply pressure. Check out his new mixtape & you won’t be disappointed.

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