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Tay Wopp is buzzing in Alabama after dropping “Wopp Year”

2021 has been a very competitive year as many artists are rebounding from 2020 & dropping much anticipated music. One artist who has the potential to be a household name is Tay Wopp. His new project “Wopp Year” is making waves across social media & is pushing him to new heights.

Camp Hill, Alabama native Tay Wopp has been consistent in dropping hits in recent months/years & he has no plans of slowing down any time soon. His single “All I Got“ that was released earlier this year was a major success but that was just the beginning of his plans for this year.

“Wopp Year” has sounds that fans say are similar to Gucci Mane but with a Tay Wopp twist. The 8-Track project is diverse & has something for everybody. From “Beverly Hills” to “Another World” there are songs that are for the streets & some that are for the ladies.

We believe “Wopp Year” will be Tay Wopp’s introduction to many people soon. Hopefully he will continue putting his foot on the industry’s neck and drop more hits soon. We strongly suggest checking out Wopp Year to get ahead of the game

Wopp Year:

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