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T-Rell brings back REAL R&B with “Rell Play”

T-Rell is one of the most hottest artists in the game right now. He is on track to be a household name in R&B after dropping an EP that is already being considered a certified classic. Produced by YXNG STOV & Cutta Classic; his latest project “Rell Play”takes it back to the real R&B roots. Here are a few standout songs:


This track is his own twist to J.Holiday’s classic 2007 single under the same name. T-Rell was able to deliver vocals on the Rob Stovall produced track that nearly match the original song & also put his own sauce on it to make it standout. The visuals to this track are also top-notch as he is able to keep listeners engaged with his performance alongside the beautiful women.

Suffocate Video:


Eat is the most explicit song on the project, as T-Rell goes into detail about several things that you should hear for yourself. This track is the exact sound that T-Rell specializes in.

Overall, T-Rell was able to give his loyal fanbase a dope project that is sure to make a few babies. As it debuted #10 for R&B Albums, T-Rell is definitely going to have a major year as he reaches new heights in the music industry.

Rating: 9/10

Rell Play:

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