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Porah Monique gives relationship advice with “Love Me”

Porah Monique has been putting in work in the music industry lately. Her talent is pushing her to new heights daily. After her latest single “Love Me”, its looking like she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

After the success of her last single “No Time”, Porah Monique has decided to come back with another hit that people in relationships can understand. When asked about the meaning behind ”Love Me”, Porah says most relationships fail because of lack of empathy. Seeing things from the other person’s point of view is essential in a healthy relationship & she lays it all out on this song.

Trauma; the feature artist on the song, did a great job at portraying his role as a man that is attempting to show empathy but sometimes falls short. On top of his dope verse is also a great video. The John Reyes directed video is top-notch & paints a great picture of the story Porah Monique was looking to tell.

We believe “Love Me” has the potential to be a big hit this fall. It is very relatable & is good in all aspects. Check out the video here:

Love Me:

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