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OSO Lavish & Bezzle are buzzing after dropping “Disrespect”

After dropping one of the hottest videos in 2021, OSO Lavish & Bezzle are buzzing in Mississippi & beyond. These 2 artists have been making music individually for years but they recently decided to come together to make hits that their loyal fanbase loves.

They’re latest single, “Disrespect” is a grimy track that the streets feel. Both artists deliver dope lyrics on top of the bass-filled beat. With their unique sound, this song is sure to make you play it over & over again.

The GTM MOB Visuals paint a clear picture of the gutter scene where the artists are from. So far, this video has gotten positive feedback from supporters as it makes its rounds on social media. We think this year will be big for OSO Lavish & Bezzle if they continue to keep applying pressure in the game.

Disrespect Video:

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