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North Carolina artist, Lil C Corleone is going viral with his “What’s Poppin Remix”

Lil C Corleone has been showing off his rhyming skills for years via Social Media. His freestyle videos have become a sensation to his fans. His latest freestyle to “What’s Poppin” by Jack Harlow is his biggest one yet.

The way Lil C Corleone rides the beat, you would think his version was the original. His display of lyricism & catchiness is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This is the type of video that you have to watch several times. Each time you listen, you will discover a new metaphor that you might have missed on the first listen.

Garnering almost 40K views so far on YouTube, Lil C Corleone is catching the attention of many rap fans across the world. 2021 will surely be a big year for him if he can take this momentum & carry it into his next endeavors musically.

What’s Poppin Remix:

Follow Lil' C. Corleone on “What’s Poppin Remix”:

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