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No Gamez is buzzing in Ohio after his hit single “Lit”

No Gamez has been through everything you can name, from poverty to prison time. He is using his struggles as ammunition to be one of the biggest artists from Cleveland.

His 2020 single “Lit” was a major hit & continues to make rounds on social media. His sound on the track is very unique. On top of bass-filled beat, The chorus is catchy & memorable. The “Creative Story” visuals are top notch & perfectly showcases No Gamez’ talents.

Lit Video:

No Gamez is set to have a big year as he plans to drop several more videos & projects. His video for “How Many” featuring Jimmy Da Gunna is already complete & will be dropping very soon. We anticipate a positive response from fans when that video is released. If No Gamez can continue to apply pressure & maintain consistency, we believe he could be one of the hottest artists in Ohio.

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