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NC artist Young God drops visuals for DiCaprio ft. Lil CJ Kasino

Young God will soon be one of the hottest upcoming artists out of North Carolina. His new video “DiCaprio” was just released & it is already making rounds on the internet as a hit. The grimy track is picking up steam as we head into 2021. Dicaprio Video:

The SYN.OP.SIS Directed video for this track is very high quality & fitting for the song. Also, the track is featuring Ft. Worth, Texas artist, Lil CJ Kasino. For the past few years, CJ Kasino has been arguably the hottest artist in Ft. Worth & one of the most known artists in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. This was a great feature for Young God as he is making a name for himself in the music industry.

We think 2021 can be a big year for Young God if he continues to take advantage of the momentum he’s gained from this video.

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