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MostHighBless crowns himself as the RICHEST Rapper in Mississippi

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MostHighBless had a major 2020, as he released his single YaYaYa that peaked #3 in Ghana. Also, the 7 other mixtapes he released last year created a buzz for him that generated $100K+ , which he is still profiting from. His most popular song “Sorry” is still making rounds on social media.

Coming from Aberdeen, Mississippi, MostHighBless has been holding it down independently for a while now & he is finally starting to see the results he deserves from his music. Not only is he believed to be one of the most money-making artists in Mississippi, he also is one of the smartest, as his decisions in the music business are always in-line with his goals.


With 2021 being here, MostHighBless plans to have the best year of his career. He’s starting it off with a single , “Takeoff” which just dropped on all platforms. Once this single reaches the heights it should, that will solidify his spot on the Mississippi Rap Mt. Rushmore.

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