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Mississippi artist, YFL Pack showcases his strength through music

YFL Pack has had his share of tough times & hardships, but he has used those realities to make music that people can relate to. The buzzing Meridian, MS native started out in the church choir as a youth & has grown to become one of the hottest artists from his area. His latest project “Long Live Beep” , which is a tribute to his father, has garnered the attention of many fans. The project is a combination of street hits & melodic music that all people can enjoy.

In 2017, YFL Pack gained a buzz after he decided to remain independent instead of signing an offered record deal. Every since then, he has been maintaining his buzz & managing his music on his own terms.

2020 was a big year for Pack as he released several visuals including “Problematic” & “FWU”. Both of the Diff directed videos have been well-received as they are still making rounds on social media. We believe YFL Pack will continue to build from the work he put in last year & make ‘21 the biggest year of his career. Problematic:

Long Live Beep:

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