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Mississippi artist, DDaGod is Buzzing after his latest project | Finally Home

Since the age of 12, DDaGod has been into music , whether it was writing, rapping or just being a fan of different genres. The Mississippi native has had many hardships in his life, & he is perfecting his skill of putting that pain into his music.

Beginning at age 18, DDaGod has been in & out of jail. He was eventually incarcerated at 21 & was released a year later. After coming home, he dropped his project “Finally Home”. The project showcases DDaGod’s talents as an artist & lyricist.

He went on to release several videos , like “Too Long”, “Vince Carter” & “Imitate”. All of those tracks are still making rounds on social media as fans start to gain interest in DDaGod’s story.

His latest video, “Cappers” is a teaser for what’s about to come this year for DDaGod. The DK Directed video is a unique visual as it paints a perfect picture for DDaGod’s music. The storyline is dope & keeps listeners engaged. DDaGod delivers a very gutter yet melodic sound that supporters love. He plans to drop another highly anticipated project soon. We predict DDaGod will shake up the industry this year. Cappers Video:

Too Long Video:

Vince Carter Video:

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