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Milwaukee native & Rising Star, Tae Clint drops video & jewels for entrepreneurship

Tae Clint is the definition of an entrepreneur. Not only does he have dope music, he also has a label “Already Rich” which highlights other forms of richness besides money; like health & wisdom. Tae recently dropped the visuals to his single “I Noticed Dat”. On this track, he talks about fake friends & other things he’s noticed in life. The video has received positive feedback from fans as it gains attention on social media. This song comes from his upcoming project, “Look What You Made Me Do”, which is set to be released the first quarter of 2021. The project will be hosted by the legendary DJ Scream. Video:

As mentioned before, Tae Clint owns a label/brand “Already Rich”. The brand is very ambitious & is a concept that most entrepreneurs or anyone who has goals can relate to. Become a part of the brand & shop with him as he goes worldwide with “Already Rich“

Already Rich:

Overall, Tae Clint has the potential to make major moves in music and entrepreneurship. Check out his music, merch, & be on the lookout for his project.

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