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Memphis artist, Mac Daro is making a name for himself in the Rap Game

With the Rap game seeming to be over-saturated at times, it’s hard to standout from the pack. But Memphis artist Mac Daro has mastered the art of getting people to pay attention to his music.

After having a major year in 2020, Mac Daro aka Money Casserole is coming into 2021 swinging. He has dropped several freestyles that have the fans crowning him as one of the most lyrical artists from Memphis. On top of that, he biggest hit, “Focused” is still making rounds on social media & creating a buzz for him.

On top of his good artistry & lyricism, Mac Daro is also one of the hardest working artists in the game. He went viral for purchasing 6 billboards in Atlanta telling Gucci Mane that he should sign him. This move alone shows that he is willing to go to major length to get his name seen.

We believe Mac Daro has the fanbase to push him to the next level very soon. His uniqueness & work ethic will definitely take him to new heights. We encourage everyone to check him out on all Platforms!

IG: @money_casserole


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