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LiveSosa drops highly anticipated album “Scared to Go Home” | Album Review

LiveSosa has been a household name in the Arkansas rap scene for many years. He is mostly known for his high-quality videography; but now, he is reaching new realms in music.

His latest LP, “Scared to Go Home” is one of the best projects to come from Arkansas in a while. LiveSosa was able to perfectly blend R&B with Rap. These are a few standout tracks from the album:

We Lied To Each Other

This was the first single from the album that LiveSosa released in 2020. His vocal performance on this song is top-notch & the creative visuals make it stand out even more.

“We Lied To Each Other” -

Trap Shit (Bonus) ft. Ed Dolo & Cori Bleu

Trap Shit gives this album a balance that adds trap sounds. The upbeat track is definitely a club banger. Ed Dolo & Cori Bleu, 2 of Arkansas’ most popular artists delivered in a way that makes you have to listen to this track multiple times.

See My Hands

See My Hands is the best song on the album in our opinion as LiveSosa mixes R&B with a bass-filled beat. The video to this track has been out for a while and it is still making rounds on social media with positive reviews.

“See My Hands” -

LiveSosa has all of the qualities to become one of the hottest artists in Arkansas as he creates a name for himself in the music industry. Scared to Go Home will be a stepping-stone to get him to the next level.

Rating 9/10


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