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L.A.L.E.M is rising fast in the Arkansas music scene.

Standing for “Live And Learn Every Moment”, this Hot Springs based group is putting in the work to become a household name in Arkansas. They have already made a name for themselves within the city the Hot Springs but now they are looking to reach further. The groups members include CCCambino, K Dizzle , Lit the Kid , J Dawg , Lil Kit & Double D. Long lasting rap groups are rare now in days, so it is very impressive that they have put out quality music for years, but they are just beginning. L.A.L.E.M has a plethora of music, but their newest tracks & videos are unmatched. “Stand Foe” is an authentic video with melodic sounds & in-depth lyricism. They have released many other singles this year, including “Living like Dat” & “Gotta Do”. Be on the lookout for them in 2021 as they plan to have a major year.

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