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Tiger King is solidifying his spot in the Videography Scene

When 23 year old Chris AKA Tiger King first picked up a camera at 19, he never thought it would lead him to where he is today. The Gunnison, Mississippi native came from taking pictures of his family from his phone to doing work for high-profile artists like Jay Da Youngan & T-Rell. After an older friend taught him the ins & outs of photography, King started to take it serious. He did shoots of his sister Telisha Hood & his close friend, Tyler Cameron which went viral. Then his photos of a young lady by the name of Brittany Thomas also did huge numbers. Unfortunately, Tiger King’s friend Tyler passed away shortly afterwards, & although it crushed him, it also gave him the drive to keep going.

Every since then, he has dedicated nearly all of his energy to the camera. Tiger King is responsible for several of the biggest Rap Visuals in Mississippi of the last few years. The very first video he shot was Glo Legendz - So Gone. His visuals have garnered hundreds of thousands of views & counting since that first video.

Visuals for Aleza-Tip Toes:

Visuals for TreFye-Pull Up:

Tiger King’s versatility is what sets him apart from most photographers & videographers. He is able to execute a maternity shoot & a rap video in the same day. We believe he will have a big year in 2021 & he is one big break away from becoming a premiere name in the music/videography industry. The one thing that Tiger King wants to gain from his talent & influence is to have Mississippi artists come together to create a music-hub similar to Atlanta.

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