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Jose Francois is bringing Real R&B back with “Sensual”

For the last few years, the R&B market has grown to heights that we haven’t seen since the 90s. One person leading the way is Florida artist, Jose Francois. After coming off a great year in 2020 with songs like “FREE” & “Hurt Me”, he is back with his biggest release to date. Jose has been on the forefront of R&B & his latest video for “Sensual” shows why he’s one of the best upcoming artists from Miami.

Jose Francois was able to show his versatility as an artist on “Sensual”. His wide-ranged vocals are the focal point but he was also able to have somewhat upbeat cadences in certain portions of the song. This alone is a recipe for a hit song.

On top of the great song are near-flawless visuals. The Kyle Loftus directed video is one that will go down as one of the best videos of the year. Jose was able to showcase the sensualness of the track. It is definitely something worth watching as they get up close & personal in many ways.

We believe Jose Francois will go on to be a key piece to R&B pretty soon & this video for “Sensual” is a great starting point.


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