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JimBone & Melly Sosa drop visuals for “What’s The Reason”

JimBone has been holding it down in the Mississippi rap scene for a while now & his newest track featuring his own son is sweeping across the South. What’s The Reason is a gutter street anthem directed towards the haters. The upbeat tone & the lyricism in the verses make this track one to be listened to all of 2021.

The LMB Filmz directed visuals are Legit & keeps the listener tuned in. Both Jimbone & Melly Sosa played vital parts on this track and they both delivered in true street fashion.


This track is one of many from Jimbone’s “Back Roads & Cotton Fields” album. We believe this project will go down as one of the best albums coming from Mississippi this year. Be on the lookout for both of these artists as they make their names known in the music scene.


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