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Illinois artist, Howie Stackz is buzzing after dropping “Big Mood”

Howie Stackz is not new to the game, but he is making moves & working hard like a newcomer looking to prove himself. His latest music video, Confusion was released last year and it is still in rotation around the country. To follow up with that, Howie Stackz has dropped “Big Mood” ; a hit that could elevate him to the next level. The bounce-filled, Jean Brack produced track has a unique beat & sounds that are unlike much of the music out today. The tone in Howie Stackz’ voice is original & different. He is able to paint a vivid picture in a very descriptive way & the teaser made by Julian Savard made it even more entertaining.

Howie Stackz will certainly be a name to remember in the music industry. The Illinois native is putting on for his city of Aurora & the Chicagoland area in a major way. “Big Mood” will definitely set the tone for him to make a big run this year. Big Mood:

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