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Florida’s own, DUCCE reaches new heights after dropping “I’m Feeling Extra”

With 2022 here, many artists are looking to make this year their time to blow up. One person who has hit the ground running this year is DUCCE. His new single/video “I’m Feeling Extra” is already on track to be a big hit.

After the success of his previous songs such as “Never Love Again”, DUCCE has shown that he can switch it up & still maintain his authenticity. “I’m Feeling Extra” is a very lyrical but catchy song that catches your attention as soon as the beat drops. DUCCE nearly perfected the ability to mix the new-school sound with the old-school lyricism.

The “AreauxFilms” visuals to the song really put it to the next level. “The Studio vs1ATL” was the perfect location to shoot such a dope concept. “I’m Feeling Extra” is one of those videos where you find something cool about it after each play.

Overall, “I’m Feeling Extra” is a dope song & the video is the icing on the cake. We believe this is a track that people will listen to all year. If you haven’t already; check out DUCCE’s single “I’m Feeling Extra”


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