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Eli Babyy is making a name for herself after dropping “I’m Singlee”

As the market of Female Rappers continues to grow, people are constantly looking for ladies that can spit. Eli Babyy is definitely one artist you should keep an eye for. Her versatility & enthusiasm is unmatched as shown on her hit single “I’m Singlee”

The title of the track pretty much tells you what the song is about. Eli Babyy tells you about how she is single & living her best life. Her gutter sound is something that the guys can bump & that the ladies can relate to.

The “LocalVisionz” video is elite & shows Eli Babyy’s personality perfectly. The video has gotten great reviews from fans all across the nation as it sweeps across social media. 2021 will definitely be a major year for Eli Babyy as she catches the attention of the music industry.

I’m Singlee Video:

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