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Derrick is being seen as a premier MC from Pittsburgh

Derrick did not have an easy path to success & he is showing his struggles through storytelling in his music. The Pittsburgh native looks up to artists such as Drake, Jay-Z & J.Cole as inspiration for his love of music. Derrick’s latest single, “100 For Me” showcases those inspirations along with his unique sound that is catching the ears of many across the nation.

Released on March 12, 2021, “100 For Me” is already being seen as one of the biggest hits to come from the PA area this year. Derrick’s lyricism & cadences stand out on this track as he is able to keep listeners engaged. On top of that, the bass-filled beat is one of a kind & Derrick is able to ride the instrumental perfectly.

Derrick - 100 For Me - Single

Derrick also 2 EP’s that were released last summer , “Nostalgia” & “Control”. Those projects established him as an artist to look out for from the Pittsburgh area. With his uniqueness, story-telling & perseverance, we believe Derrick has the formula necessary to achieve longevity in the music industry.





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