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Datway Josh’s consistency has him Buzzing

With Arkansas on the come up, there are several artists who are looking to standout. Datway Josh has been on the music scene for a while now & he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

The Pine Bluff native, now living in Dallas, has created a Buzz that has propelled him to new levels. Datway Josh has dropped several videos over the last 6 months & has garnered attention of many fans who are anxious to see what he has next. His track “Shake That” featuring Austin Grand has become one of his biggest hits as it brings a different sound that all types of people can appreciate. Along with that, other tracks like “Lonely Road” & “Keep it in the Streets” shows his lyrical ability.

Datway Josh’s latest project “Street Ties” has done over 100K streams as it continues to makes rounds out to the masses. He was able to collaborate with several Dallas, Texas legends like Big Tuck as the album is dedicated to the streets.

As he continues to climb to new heights, Datway Josh knows his worth & potential reach. He turned down a deal & decided to stay independent but he will definitely sign to a label if the deal makes sense. We believe he will do take advantage of the momentum from 2020 & keep going up in 2021.

Street Ties:

Keep it in the Streets:

Lonely Road:

Shake That:

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