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DaphoDILL is bringing a unique sound to the game

As we get into a day in age where many artists have the same repetitive sound, there are some who are looking to standout from the pack. One of those artists is DaphoDILL. She is turning her struggles to triumph as she navigates through the industry.

Raised in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, DaphoDILL has always used music to escape from her battles with depression and anxiety. “I have always thought it was very peculiar that people thrive off of your sadness in such a weird & beautiful way” she says . “It is as if we’re all the same & just walking each other home”.

One thing that gravitates fans toward DaphoDILL’s music is her unique sound & vibe. It’s as if she wants you to feel her pain but also do a slight bop dance. “My music is just a different vibe. It’s like escaping into someone else’s eyes while dancing on their heart in madness of music” she says.

Her latest single from her album “Anomalous” , “Blue Skies in Paradise” is already making noise as it makes waves around the internet. The “VisualsAF“ shot video painted a nearly perfect picture of the message DaphoDILL wanted to get across. But this song is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what else she has to offer. Inspired by artists such as Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill & Missy Elliott, her music catches your ear very quickly. Her single “All Facts” ft Zaytoven is a testament to that. DaphoDILL is definitely a name to remember. She has the dope music, uniqueness & charisma to take her far. Be on the lookout for new music from her!

Anomalous by DaphoDILL

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