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Co Gotti is Keeping Mo3’s legacy going after dropping “Point of My Life”

Dallas, Tx has one of the hottest rap scenes in music. After dropping “Point of My Life” , Co Gotti is looking to be on the forefront of that scene very soon.

After the tragic death of Mo3 in 2020, many fans were left wondering what music did he leave behind. With the recent success of Mo3’s album, it’s safe to say the people are always on the lookout for some of his hits, including this newest one with his brother Co Gotti & also Tonio Hall.

“Point of My Life” is an upbeat track that the fellas can turn up to & the ladies can appreciate. Tonio Hall is able to add his cadence to the song & gives it that extra sauce. Co Gotti was able to make it catchy which gives it major replay value. Mo3 did what he always does, & delivered a dope lyrical verse that pushes the song to another level.

The Films By Prophecy visuals are top-notch & showcase the energy that they have on the song. The beautiful women gave it an extra touch that keeps viewers engaged.

We believe this song has the potential to be a major hit for the summer & there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. Co Gotti has garnered a lot of attention recently after dropping this song & we believe it will only grow once it makes rounds around social media.

Point of My Life Video:

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