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Chicago artist, Carro drops visuals for “Go”

Carro has started off 2021 with his song “Go”. This is his very first video but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the high quality of the video & song. ”Go” is a very unique & upbeat track from Carro as he shows his lyricism & versatility. The fast-paced rhythm is something that is rarely seen in music these days & Carro perfected it.

The TSIMS Films directed video is definitely one of the most creative videos you will see all year. From the graphics to the colors; everything about these visuals are top-knotch & superior to most videos. If Carro can continue on the route he’s going, he could very well become one of the hottest new artists out of Chicago‘s Southwest Side. “Go“ is be a great entry into the music industry for Carro.

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