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Chicago artist BENZO51st won’t be boxed in musically

With Chicago being a hotbed for the rap scene, Many rappers from that area are held to high standards & automatically stigmatized. Upcoming artists are looking to standout from the pack & one artist who has nearly perfected that is BENZO51st.

His latest single “4 Real” featuring Glo Mingo is already being seen as one of the biggest hits of the Summer as it still makes rounds across the internet. The track has a good balance of lyricism & catchiness to keep listeners tuned in. To top it off, the Law Films Visuals puts BENZO51st on another tier as an artist. This single will surely be the beginning of the next level for both artists.

BENZO51st wants to tell the untold stories of the streets. Not only through rapping, but through writing as well. He has the abilities & talent to help other artists become the best versions of themselves musically.

After dropping other singles such as “Addiction” & “Til I’m Gone”, BENZO51st has shown that he is one of the most diverse artists in the game. He is able to switch from serious/lyrical rapping to singing to bounce music. We believe if he continues to be consistent, he will be a household name in Chicago very soon.

4Real Video:

Addiction Video:

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