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BSO Staydown shows his consistency after dropping “Cutter”

One of the main things that separate artists that are only got right now & artists that have longevity is consistency. North Carolina rapper, BSO Staydown has perfected the art of dropping bangers periodically for his supporters. “Cutter” is his latest single & it is definitely one of the hottest songs out now from his area.

After dropping a few major singles like “BASICS” & “10”, BSO Staydown has decided to keep the pressure coming with “Cutters”. This track is one that the streets can feel as he is able to tell stories that many can relate to. Along with that, it’s bouncy which gives it replay value.

The visuals are also dope & very professionally done. The video was able to capture BSO Staydown & his Fam in a way that goes right along with the song.

We believe ”Cutter” has the potential to be a big hit in the Carolinas & beyond as it continues to make Rounds on social media. Be on the lookout for more new music from BSO Staydown soon.

Cutter Video:

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