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Boss Wood x Big KRIT drop highly anticipated single | Spaceships

If you were looking for a sign that 2021 will be a good year; here it is. Boss Wood started the year by dropping his single, Spaceships featuring Big KRIT.

In case you’re not sure who Boss Wood is, he is a Mississipp-bred veteran in the rap game. For years, he has delivered Southern style music mixed with lyricism & story-telling. Over the last year or so, Boss Wood has taken his career to another level. He has garnered many new fans after going viral on social media several times from his rapping skills. This new single, Spaceships is definitely the start of something special for Boss Wood.

Spaceships is a track that utilizes the simile of turning a bucket into a spaceship; meaning making something out of nothing. The catchy hook & dope beat really keeps the listener interested, but the lyricism is the focal point. You notice a different metaphor or clever line after each listen.

Big KRIT did what Big KRIT does. As a Southern Legend, it’s no surprise that he gave the track that sauce that took it to another level. It was clear that he enjoyed delivering his verse, as it sticks with the ”Space” theme he has fathered over the years.


We believe this song is going to do big numbers for Boss Wood as he elevates towards the higher rankings of rap.

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