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BosMade LD is buzzing in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to some of the most talented artists in the game. They have engineered their own sound & BosMade LD of Hustle Harder Entertainment is the epitome of that sound. He is looking to lead the way as he is gaining attention on the streets & in music.

Like most Southern Rappers, BosMade LD grew up being inspired by artists such as Boosie & UGK. He has always had an ear for good music & eventually he started to make his own hits. “BanGin” is one of his biggest songs. It is a street anthem that many people in the trenches can relate to. The KV King directed visuals to the track are top notch & perfectly display the gutter aspects of the song.

BanGin Video:

BosMade LD has plenty of other music out now & more to come. We believe he has a bright future as he makes a name for himself in the underground music scene. United masters:

Youtube Links:



A&R Factory blog link:

Hype Magazine interview and more Dope pictures on his manager link below:

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