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Battle Rapper LL Coogi shows his versatility after dropping several singles

Most rap fans know that being a good battle rapper is totally different from making good music. It’s very rare that an artist is able to successfully master both. Milwaukee native LL Coogi has shown that he is a part of that very small percentage of artists. After dropping several videos, he has proven that he is a top tier all-around MC.

Coogi is not a rookie in this game, as he has compiled a catalog that is many years long. His Battle Rap catalog alone is long enough to keep you entertained for a while. After appearing on URL & many other leagues; many fans were introduced to his rapping skills. LL Coogi is also a member of DotMobb with Battle Rap Legend, Murder Mook. With all of his accomplishments in Battle Rap, Coogi is not being complacent. He is dropping hit after hit to show people that he’s not just a battle rapper.

With DJ Drama hosting his mixtape, Cold March 5, Coogi is being taken very seriously in the industry. After releasing songs like “Keefe Street Flow” & “Owl in The Dark”, LL Coogi has proven that he is one of the most lyrical artists in the game. His latest project “King Coogi 5” is already being seen as one of the best projects of 2021. The way that he is able to bend words & use double-entendres so effortlessly is some is rarely seen in today’s hip hop. If he continues his consistency, He is well on his way to becoming one of the hottest MC’s in rap.

URL Battle:

Keefe Street Flow:

King Coogi 5:

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