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Band Man is making a name for himself in Flint’s Music Scene

With Flint & Detroit holding down the rap scene in Michigan; many people are looking for new artists to listen to from that area. One artist who has emerged is Band Man. His versatility & consistency is pushing him to new levels in the streets.

After dropping the EP “Hustles & Scams” with Zero Degrees, Band Man has gained a fanbase that is always on the lookout for new music from him. “Hustles & Scams” is a project that embodies the true Michigan sound & content. Tracks like 4AM & Playin Crazy tell a story that the streets can appreciate. We believe this EP is a good collaboration & sneak peek into the dope music that Band Man and Zero Degrees delivers constantly. Their song “Welcome 2 Flint” is still buzzing as it makes waves across social media. The Zero Degrees directed visuals are top-notch and paint a clear picture of the streets of Flint.

Band Man followed up with the single “Sanchesca”. This is another dope song that showcases Band Man’s lyrical & story-telling abilities. The Zara Beats track goes perfectly with the lyrics & gives the song replay value with the bounce of it. This song is definitely one that you can put on repeat this summer.

With other songs out now, like “Lifestyle” & “Bahhh”, Band Man has plenty of content that you need to go back to check out ASAP. With his consistency, we know he will continue to feed the streets with new material very soon.

Lifestyle Video:

Welcome 2 Flint Video:


Hustles & Scams:

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