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Baby Wopo is climbing to the top of the Chicago Rap Scene

Everybody knows Chicago is one of the hottest areas in hip hop. With new sound emerging on the scene, it is going to be hard to ignore the good music coming from that area. On the frontline of the upcoming artists is Baby Wopo. He is hoping to maintain his consistency & become a household name in the industry.

One of Baby Wopo’s biggest hits is “Unconscious”. This song is a lyrical masterpiece. Both Wopo & Tee Benji were able to deliver a gutter sound that resonates with the streets & also the people who like to hear the lyrics. Along with that, the beat is one that is reminiscent of the 90s sound but also has a modern bounce.

Since dropping that hit song, Baby Wopo has released “Too Wally” & “Beatbox” Freestyles. Showing that he can spit with the best of them. He is building up anticipation for his EP “Most Hated” which will be dropping some time this month. We believe it will be one of the hottest projects of the year.

Too Wally:



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