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ATI Keynote pours his heart out on new project “Pain Pressure & Poverty”

With Fall entering, ATI Keynote is looking to head into the new season with some dope material for his fans. Pain Pressure & Poverty is a solid project that will surely make waves across the country.

If you are familiar with ATI Keynote, you know that he is not a rookie in the game. He has spent years perfecting his craft & making music that the streets can feel. The Arkansas/Louisiana raised artist saw new heights after signing with Boosie & he hasn’t looked back ever since.

“Pain, Pressure & Poverty” is a project that has many different levels & everyone can relate to the lyrics that he delivers on each track. The LP starts with songs such as “All Love” & “Heart Out” that grabs your soul & makes you dissect every word. As it gets closer to the end of the project, Keynote gets a little more bouncy with songs like “OnlyFans” & “Trap Walk” ft. Lil Migo & Bankroll Freddie.

We definitely recommend this to anyone who loves real soulful/pain music but it also has songs for people who want to turn up. With the dope production, catchy hooks & thoughtful lyrics; it’s easy to tell that ATI Keynote put his all into Pain Pressure & Poverty. It is definitely a project that you can sit with for several months & gets better with each listen.

Best Songs: Feelings, Bluestrips , Heart Out

Album Link:

Feelings Video:

Trap Walk Video:

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