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Arkansas artist, GIC Bang is buzzing in the streets

Luxora, Arkansas artist GIC Bang has been holding it down in the music scene for a while. After dropping several hit singles , he is looking to reach new levels in 2021. His latest single, “Back To Ballin” has put him on the radar as someone to look out for this year.

Managed by Authentic Empire Music Group, GIC Bang is quickly becoming a household name is the music scene. After creating a buzz for himself in high school, he started to realize his potential & began doing shows in major cities like Dallas & Atlanta.

GIC Bang has had several singles/videos released over the last few months, such as “Important Freestyle” & “Pop Mine”; but his biggest one thus far is “Back To Ballin”. The lyrical & catchy track is one that instantly gets your attention. The video is still making waves across social media as it reaches people across the country.

GIC Bang is certainly a name to remember, as he will be very well known in the near future. Be on the lookout for new material from him soon.

Back To Ballin:

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