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Arkansas artist, Ed Dolo drops highly anticipated album | Lisa Son

Ed Dolo has been dropping hits all 2020 & he is ending the year with his project “Lisa Son”, which dropped on his birthday. The album contains several tracks that have major replay value; Lets break down a few of them:

Notice Me ft. Uglyman Boosie

This song is probably the best track on the project. The hard-hitting bass & soothing piano keys make a perfect blend. Ed Dolo is able to ride the beat & make you feel where he’s coming from. Uglyman Boosie really set the street-mood with his verse. His voice alone leaves a Mark on the song that is unforgettable. The LiveSosa directed video paints a picture that really conveys the message of the song in a perfect way. Video:

Cali ft. Jay Fizzle

Cali is another banger on the project that really catches your attention. Ed Dolo talks about being from Arkansas but having connects in California. The hook on this one is the focal point as it is catchy but also lyrical.

Doctor Visit ft. Boosie Badazz

Doctor Visit is the most personal track on the project. Dolo details everything about his family & his mother’s health issues. Boosie followed up with the same mood & talked about his own health problems & how he deals with it.

Overall, Ed Dolo put together a solid project. Our only critique is that we felt he could’ve been a little more diverse & less repetitive. But other than that, he delivered dope material in true Dolo fashion. He showed why he made #1 on our Top Arkansas artists of 2020 list.

Rating: 8/10

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