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Arkansas artist Big Bread is buzzing after dropping “Beltway 8” featuring Texas Legend, Lil KeKe

Texarkana, Arkansas artist Big Bread has been making music for a while, but with this video for “Beltway 8”, he is reaching new heights. This Houston, Texas inspired track is one that real music lovers can appreciate.

The HeataHD Directed video has everything you’re probably thinking: beautiful women, candy-painted cars & dope music. It’s very nostalgic as it reminds watchers of the early Screw days.

Lil KeKe delivered a very relatable & overall good verse. The way he’s able to ride the beat & perform his lyrics are unlike anything else we’ve seen. Anyone who is from the south knows how big of a legend Lil KeKe is in Texas, so this feature was a big one for Big Bread as he makes moves in the industry.

The response to this video has been major. It has been watched thousands of times on social media & is really appreciated by fans of Big Bread, Arkansas music & Texas music. Big Bread will be a name to remember in 2021. Beltway 8 Video:

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