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Album Review | Who is Flip Huston

Flip Huston’s latest project “Who is Flip Huston” was released in 2020 & it has garnered attention from all over the country. The Seattle, Washington native blended lyricism with a West Coast bounce that is sure to keep you putting the project on repeat. Standout Tracks:

Outta My Mind ft. Jim Jones

This track is one that instantly catches your ear. The catchy hook is easy to sing along with & the well-put together verses are memorable. The Legend, Jim Jones is featured on this song & he delivered in true Jones fashion.

Sky’s The Limit ft. J Shep

Sky’s The Limit is a very motivational track as Flip Huston details his hardships & his plans for the future. The inspirational chorus is one that everyone can relate to. This song is one of the best on the project in our opinion and we encourage anyone with dreams & goals to give it a listen.

Overall, this project is solid. The only critique we have is that most of the songs are a little outdated in sound, but that may be a good thing for some fan bases. The legendary features from Jim Jones, Yuckmouth & others are very powerful & ignites the dopeness which already exists within the music.

Rating: 8/10


You Know The Vibes:

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