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Album Review | Jimmy Blue x GoatTalk

Jimmy Blue is one of the hottest artists out of Mississippi & he proved why with his latest project “GoatTalk”.

Standout Tracks:

Lingo (Intro)

Lingo is one of the most lyrical tracks on the project. Jimmy Blue showcases his ability to twist words & make metaphors that keep you tuned in. He also released visuals for this song, which makes it even more credible.

Motion 🔥

This track is the best song on the mixtape in our opinion. He shows that he can slow it down but also keep the gutter sound that he is known for. His cadence on the hook of this song is done in a perfect way. To top it off, the strings & sample on the beat blends flawlessly with Jimmy Blue’s voice.

Overall, Jimmy Blue put together a good project. We believe he will do big things in the future & GoatTalk is a good stepping stone for him. With songs like the ones we’ve already mentioned along with other ones like “DCWDFWM” & “On Me” , this project is one that will be heard across Mississippi & the entire south for a while.

Rating: 8.5/10

Lingo Video:


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