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9 Year Old Yung Julio is turning his troubles to triumphs

Delvon McClay aka Yung Julio tragically lost his father in a car accident in 2018. He began to struggle with finding ways to cope with his loss. Music quickly became a way for him to channel his energy in a positive way.

The Illinois native uses the name Yung Julio to honor his father, who gave him the nickname. Yung Julio has been featured on several local news station where he is able to tell his story. He wants to help other kids who might be dealing with the same type of issues & he wants to help others find ways to turn that negative energy into a positive.

Yung Julio’s biggest song is “My Superman” which is dedicated to his father. It has become a hit online, & recently reached over 1 Million Views on Spade TV’s Facebook platform. His other songs such as “Roll Wit Me” & “Super Gremlin” are also making waves across the internet as we speak.

We believe Yung Julio is a star in the making & once the masses hears his story & his talent, the sky will be the limit for him. With a supportive family & team, he has all the tools needed to go far. Check out his latest videos & be on the lookout for new music & material from Yung Julio!

My Superman:

Roll Wit Me:

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